Automated remediation ticket creation.

Stephen Coleman


We use the Jira integration.

Example situation:

  • A failed compliance test is detected.
  • It's for a test that can create a Jira task for remediation.

The request:

I'd like for the failed test to be able to automatically create the task for the remediation without the necessity for a compliance team member to go into the test in Vanta to create the task for each identified failure.

Additionally, it would be especially useful if automated ticket creation could be toggled per test so that the feature only applied where we determined it was appropriate.

A "default on" or "default off" for that toggle could be set at the integration settings for Jira.



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    Brijesh Sahu

    Any update on the feature requested above?

  • Comment author
    Rob Ball

    This is a major blocker for our team.  Other products have this implemented, and since the Jira integration is already live in your product, it shouldn't be too hard to put in place. 

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    Eric Shoemaker (Vanta Admin) Conversation starter

    We get around this limitation by using the GQL API to retrieve failing tests and upcoming documents. Then we create the ticket using our own logic (email or ticket system API). Once the test/document goes into a passing state, we update the ticket and close it. Going this route allowed us to open and assign tickets based on custom logic as well as enter additional details in the ticket.

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    Yevhen Tienkaiev

    Any updates on this?

  • Comment author
    Greg Duraj

    I'd love this feature too, not 100% keen on custom integrations


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