Do I update the effective date when I create a new version?

Julia Wester Conversation starter

Hi, this probably seems like a stupid question but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I know the effective date is the date that the policy starts being enforced. However, when the policy changes and a new version number is created, do I need to think of it as when this new version will be effective and update the effective date? If not, when, if ever, do we change the effective date?


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    Kim Great answers Vanta Expert Vanta Team Member

    Hi Julia! That is definitely not a stupid question. 

    You're exactly right - the goal of the effective date is to state for the reader (typically your employees) when the policy is enforceable. In most cases, the effective date is something that should change with your policy updates/approvals. This ensures that it is abundantly clear (to both your employees and auditors) the creators, acceptors, and enforcers of the policies are all on the same page and policy version.

    (TIP: If you find that updating the physical effective date every time you update a policy is not practical, explore broadening your policy language. It is possible to note that an effective date is the same as the documented approval/published/acceptance date. Keep in mind though, there may be occasions where the effective date does not align. This could depend on your cadence for reviewing policies, significant changes that you do not want to enforce until after a certain time, etc.)


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