New Feature: Role Based Access Control

Shannon Idea generator Vanta Team Member Conversation starter

Role-Based Access Control provides control over user a user's role within Vanta based on a pre-defined set of permissions. In software applications, it’s important to ensure that users have the appropriate permissions and can only view data or perform actions required for their role, consistent with the “principle of least privilege.”  Learn how to leverage our new role-based access feature here


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    Benjamin Hobbs Conversation starter


    Question: Can the Roles (Admin/Editor/View-Only Admin/Auditor/Sales) be assigned to Groups? This would perhaps work like Employee 'A' is assigned to Group 'A-J', and so she is assigned as an Editor...but not an Editor of 'A-Z', just an Editor of her Group 'A-J'. Is this a possibility?

    Otherwise, as I understand it, every Editor that I make can edit everything in my Organization. Is this correct, or am I applying the permissions incorrectly?


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