⭐️Exciting News: Vanta & AI⭐️

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We are thrilled to introduce Vanta AI, an innovative suite of tools that harnesses the power of AI and Language Models, enhancing the Vanta platform. Discover how it can supercharge your operations:

Unlocking AI's Potential:

  • Enhancing the accuracy of security questionnaire responses (44%)
  • Automating manual work (42%)
  • Streamlining vendor risk reviews and onboarding (37%)
  • Reducing the need for large teams (34%)

With Vanta AI, you can delegate tedious tasks, freeing up valuable time for strategic security initiatives.

Effortless Vendor Security Reviews: Regular vendor security assessments are essential for compliance and good security practices. Vanta AI enables instant analysis of vendor security documents, making reviews efficient.

Swift Questionnaire Completion: Say goodbye to time-consuming security questionnaires. Vanta's AI-powered Questionnaire Automation generates responses in minutes, reducing duplication, human error, and outdated content.

Simplified Control Maintenance: Adding new frameworks is now effortless with Vanta AI. It suggests the best tests and policies, eliminating manual work and reducing errors.

And mark your calendar for December 5th! Join us at VantaCon, where founders, AI experts, and security leaders will explore trust-building in an AI-driven world. Secure your spot here.



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