Intrusion detection system notifications configured (GCP) Test

Hello, We are working towards remediation of enabling notifications (alerts) for the Intrusion Detection System in GCP, We already created the alerts on the projects that were required, but the test still not passes. So we don't know what else is needed, and the instructions are not clear regarding if the alerts should have a certain name or text on them so the Test validation passes.

Thanks for the help!




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    Jake Samuels Vanta Expert Vanta Team Member

    Hi Luis!

    There are no required naming conventions but there are a few other things we can check!

    Can you confirm that the metric selected for the alerting policy is the one you created with the following filter?

    Can you also confirm there are no additional filters added to the alerting policy? If so, please remove them and refresh the test:

    You will also want to confirm that the notification channel is enabled for the policy:

    Screenshots similar to the above would be helpful for troubleshooting if there are still issues!


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    Luis Fernando Alonzo Herrera Conversation starter

    This worked, the issue actually was in the filter definition, we were using ":" (has) instead of "=" (equal) as the comparison operator, that for this particular filter both worked, but for the Vanta Test, the equality operator was expected in the filter definition, thanks for the help Jake!.




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