Implement jira ticket creation using Vanta API

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  • We use the Jira integration.
  • We use Vanta API with graphql endpoint to retrieve from test results, the list of  GithubDependabotVulnerability

Example situation:

  • A failed compliance test is detected regarding vulnerabilities
  • A list of vulnerabilities is provided
  • A new jira ticket is created to handle the issue using a predefine template in Vanta website

The request:

I'd like to be able to automate the jira tickets creations by retrieving the GH dependabot vulnerability data first and then calling another API endpoint to POST the needed data to create a ticket in the already integrated jira, with the issue information that is already prefilled by default when I try to create the ticket manually in the website. 
This is already done by the API with the operation CreateExternalLinkedJiraIssues but I don't seems to have available the ids of the models related in order to successfully post this request.

Having this I will be able to automatically create Jira tickets when a new vulnerability appears, and users won't need to have access to Vanta to create the tickets manually anymore.



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    Stanislav Mekhonoshin

    Having an ability to automatically get Jira tickets for failing tests is really cool.

    Specifically the ticket should be created for each failing item within the test.


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