Introduce Yourself: David Arra

David Arra

Hello Vanta Community! 


My name is David Arra and I'm excited that my startup company, Arra Cybersecurity Engineering, LLC was selected to be a new Vanta MSP Partner! 

I'll be spending plenty of time learning about the Vanta platform and eventually bringing on new customers. Arra Cybersecurity Engineering operates in Colorado Springs, CO and there's plenty of industry opportunities here to explore including non-profit, military, education, banking and recreation.

While I am just getting started with my own business, I have plenty of experience in the aerospace and defense sector. I'm a U.S. Army veteran and have worked for a large defense contractor for nearly 25 years, specializing in systems and cybersecurity engineering in the areas of space and missiles, aeronautics and mission systems.  I have a M. Eng in Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance from The George Washington University and a M.S. Aero from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

I'm looking forward to capitalizing on my experience and contacts to build a customer base but also reaching out to new areas of compliance that I haven't worked in before.  

Please let me know how being a Vanta MSP Partner has helped you grow your business.






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