Settings>Company>Notifications: Is it possible to have a switch here? Or a Snooze?

Benjamin Hobbs Conversation starter

Vanta Community and Team, 

My concern here is that during major configuration (or reconfiguration) of Controls or preparing for new Frameworks, there may be admins dutifully assigning owners to Controls that may rapidly change (for a multitude of reasons). Admins may (when this feature is live again) be creating Roles, and placing users into them, switching groups, etc. While it makes perfect sense that History captures all of this back and forth activity in the log, it makes far less sense for poor User Y who keeps getting "You're an Owner!"; "You're Not an Owner!"; "You're an Owner!" notifications in their inbox. 
It would be super helpful to shut that off for a bit, make alllllll the changes, look at it, love it, go to get it approved, get told "nope try again", go do that, and then it gets approved...and THEN turn it back on to send out notifications.


What do you think?


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    Eric Shoemaker (Vanta Admin) Conversation starter

    I agree with this. Being able to disable notifications during implementation would allow assigning control, test, and document owners without them getting bombarded by emails daily. We get around this by waiting to assign ownership until the test/document is passing for the first time. The downside is that it's not always obvious who should own a control, and we sometimes end up going to the person multiple times for evidence when we could batch it. Less of an issue for smaller orgs.


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