Resolve 'Vendors list maintained' test

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In order to pass the Vendor List Maintained test, you'll need to add at least one non-integrated vendor to the page.

Vanta assumes that companies are using more Vendors than what will integrate with Vanta, so the test requires one non-integrated vendor to be added to the Vendors page. 

You can deactivate this test if you do not have any vendors beyond what Vanta integrates with.


How to Fix:

  • On the Vendors page, ensure you've added all vendors that your company uses.

    • To add a new vendor, select + Add Vendor in the top right-hand corner of the page.
    • To Edit a vendor, select the name of the vendor


    • You will be prompted to include the vendor name, category and additional details such as account manager name, email, vendor website and a list of the services this vendor provides. Select Add Vendor.

    • From here, you will be asked to provide the following:
      • Vendor Details: the organization's name, website, account manager, and a list of the services this vendor provides.


Common Reasons For Failure:

  • You haven't manually added any vendors on the Vendors page.

    • Vanta will auto-populate any vendor we integrate with, but you should manually add any other vendors to ensure they're tracked in one place.