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Connecting Vanta and Certn

  • Updated

Vanta's Certn integration syncs completed Background Checks from Certn to Vanta.  Once the checks are completed in Certn they will be automatically linked to users in Vanta with the same email or available to manually link.



  • API Token from your Cern Account to input as the Access Token within Vanta


How to Connect

  • To connect to Vanta, you will need to get an Access Token from within your Certn account.
  • To obtain the Access Token to link within Vanta, you must navigate to your settings in Certn and create an API key. This will be what's entered on the integrations page in Vanta.
  •  Navigate to your settings in Certn

  • Select team settings under the team you're looking to connect

  • From there, click on API Keys at the bottom of the list

  • Click add API Key -  just to note, the new API Key may get added to the bottom of the list so you may need to go to the last page of API Keys if you have many created:


  • Once you get the API Key, you can then take that and paste it under Access Token in Vanta


  • Once entered, click store token to complete the connection. 


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