Integrating Vanta & Workday

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Connecting Vanta and Workday allows you to find people and use onboarding/offboarding dates from your HR system.


Vanta leverages Merge, a third-party platform, to pull in your data from Workday. Please follow these instructions to connect your Workday account to Vanta. When selecting Domain Security Policy Permissions, Vanta only requires access to the following domains:

  • Person Data: Home Contact Information
  • Person Data: Work Contact Information
  • Person Data: Name
  • Worker Data: Workers
  • Worker Data: All Positions
  • Worker Data: Current Staffing Information
  • Worker Data: Public Worker Reports
  • Worker Data: Employment Data
  • Worker Data: Organization Information


  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations 
  • Select the Available tab and search for Workday 
  • Select Connect
  • Select Connect Workday