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Vanta & Basecamp Integration

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Basecamp allows customers to connect tools like Vanta using OAuth2. Customers configure a BaseCamp account and after connecting with Vanta, Vanta is able to make API calls as the app.

  • In the Vanta Dashboard, use the menu (left-side) and navigate to the Integrations button



  • Click on the Available tab
  • Filter by the service BaseCamp

  • Then click on the Connect button (this will open a modal window)


  • Select whether you want to enable read and write access or only read.
    • Write access is required if you wish to create tickets from Vanta.
  • After your selection then click on "Connect BaseCamp" (This will open the below modal)


  • Review the permissions and make sure it reflects your selection (Read Only or Read and Write) and then hit Continue.

  • It will then take you to this modal, please follow the instructions to enter your basecamp subdomain id and then click Submit.

  • At the next modal, it will ask you to authorize at the BaseCamp website, click open window to go there.

  • It will take you to a new page at the BaseCamp Website asking you to allow access to Merge and Vanta in order to connect to us, click "Yes, I'll allow access" to continue.
  • It will then close the window and bring you back to Vanta with a message that says it is setting up the integration.

  • The message should then update to a success message.

  • You will then need to hit continue a few more times until you get to the successful Vanta modal below.

  • From now on you will be able to manage the connection on the Vanta Integrations page. 

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