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Vanta & Basecamp Integration

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Basecamp allows customers to connect tools like Vanta using OAuth2. By connecting your Basecamp account with Vanta, Vanta can make API calls as the app, allowing you to monitor user access and create tickets straight from Vanta into Basecamp. 



Vanta leverages Merge, a third-party platform, to pull your data from Basecamp. See their documentation for details on the API interactions used



  • In the pop-up model, select whether you want to enable read and write access or only read.
    Note: Write access is required if you wish to create tickets within Vanta to Basecamp. 
  • Click on Connect BaseCamp


  • A popup module is displayed, allowing you to review the requested permissions. Ensure it reflects your selection (Read Only or Read and Write) and then hit Continue

  • Follow the instructions presented in the module to enter your basecamp subdomain, then click Submit.

  • Next, you will be asked to authorize at the BaseCamp website. Click Open window to be redirected

  • At the BaseCamp Website you will be prompted to allow access to Merge and Vanta to connect to us. Click "Yes, I'll allow access" to continue


  • You will be redirected back to Vanta with a message that says it is setting up the integration

  • The message should then update to a success message

  • You will then need to hit continue a few more times until you reach the successful Vanta modal below

  • From now on, you can manage the connection on the Vanta Integrations page