Connecting Vanta & Aikido

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To achieve compliance with SOC 2, companies need to implement technical vulnerability management measures. This involves identifying, prioritizing, and addressing vulnerabilities in your codebase and infrastructure. Using tools like Aikido can help make the vulnerability management process more effective.

Connecting Vanta & Aikido

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations 
  • From the available tab, search for Aikido
  • Select Connect, and follow the prompts for connecting the two platforms 


  • Aikido continuously monitors your security posture, automates 16 Vanta tests & helps pass 5 Vanta controls.
  • Once the integration has been connected in Vanta, you can manage the scope by selecting Configure Scope


  • To edit the integration, select Manage. From here, you can edit the integration or delete it from Vanta.