Controlling Scope through JumpCloud

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Vanta's JumpCloud identity provider integration enables you to control which employees should be automatically marked in and out of scope in Vanta, through JumpCloud.


Be sure to consult Support and/or your auditor to validate the set of employees that should and should not be managed by Vanta


Ensure the Vanta app is configured correctly in JumpCloud

  • You must have the Identity Provider part of the integration activated

Grant the application to employees who should be in-scope in JumpCloud


Enable the feature in Vanta

  • Select Integrations from the left-hand panel
  • Search for JumpCloud in the Connected tab, and click on the Configure scope button

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 4.12.43 PM.png


  • Enable the IdP scoping toggle

pasted image 0.png


  • Once this feature is enabled, all employee scoping will be managed through JumpCloud, and the scoping toggle for accounts and users in Vanta will be disabled
  • Vanta will update the scope status for JumpCloud accounts and users on the following data fetch, which happens hourly
    • Keep in mind that you can still manually scope managed computers
  • Note that accounts and users are scoped by this functionality but used in different places within Vanta. Accounts are used for access review, while users are used for employee management (the people page) and log-in
  • You may also allow or disallow fetching staged users from JumpCloud