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Connecting Vanta & Dashlane

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Dashlane allows customers to connect tools like Vanta using SCIM API. By connecting your Dashlane account with Vanta, Vanta is able to make read-only API calls to the Dashlane SCIM API allowing you to display users in Dashlane within Vanta under the Access page


A Dashlane's Business Account with admin privileges is required for this integration.


Integrating with Dashlane

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations
  • Select the Available tab, and search for Dashlane 
  • Select Connect

  • The pop-up modal will ask for a SCIM bearer token and SCIM endpoint. Keep this modal open.
  • In a new tab, login to your Dashlane account

Obtaining your Dashlane SCIM API Token and SCIM Endpoint 

  • Click Edit in the SCIM Provisioning settings card.
  • Click Generate Token.
  • Toggle Allow the encryption service to sync directory on
  • Copy your SCIM API Token and SCIM Endpoint and save the changes
  • Paste your SCIM API Token and SCIM Endpoint back into the pop-up modal in Vanta
  • Select Validate and store credentials


Configure the Scope

  • Establish which Dashlane items should be marked in or out of scope for your audit

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 2.01.21 PM.png


  • You can configure scopes later by clicking on Configure scope on the connected Dashlane card from the integrations page