Getting Started with Questionnaire Automation

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Vanta’s Questionnaire Automation helps teams answer questionnaires faster through AI-powered answering and workflow automation.

For best results

  • Opt into Vanta AI. Vanta AI will generate more precise responses by considering the context of your previous answers and resources. Without Vanta AI, responses are limited to similar question matches from your answer library
  • Approval of all answers and marking the questionnaire as complete when ready. When marking the questionnaire as complete, Vanta will provide an option to import new or edited answers into your library for future automation
  • When using the browser extension, add or edit answers directly within the extension before answering. This will ensure all new answers or edits are saved to the answer library.
  • Keep your answer library and resources up-to-date to ensure accurate information is used while automating answers
  • Vanta can only answer questions that are covered by your knowledge base. Your knowledge base must cover common topics asked by questionnaires. One way to increase topic coverage in the answer library is by filling out the CAIQ standardized questionnaire and then importing the completed file into your answer library
  • Use the thumbs icons on Vanta AI responses to provide feedback on both good answers and answers that could be improved