Resource Visibility in Trust Center

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Resource Visibility Options 

  • From the Knowledge Base, you can update the visibility of resources on your Trust Center. The following options are available: 
Visibility option Shown on Trust Center?  Can it be shared? 
Private No No
Shareable No Yes
Requestable Yes Yes, but it requires an access request
Public  Yes Yes, it does not require an access request

Sharing Resources 

There are two options for sharing resources through Trust Center:

Full Access: For this access option, all documents will be available for users granted access

  • You can also grant access to Shareable documents that are hidden from your public Trust Center 

Access to individual documents: For this access option, you can select which documents can be shared

  • Request-only and shareable documents

Editing Resource Visibility 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Trust Center followed by Knowledge base
  • Select the three-dot menu for the resource you would like to adjust

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 3.15.17 PM.png

  • Select Edit
  • Select the Visibility on Trust Center 

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 3.17.30 PM.png