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Vanta Background Checks Powered by Certn

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You can run background checks on prospective employees directly from Vanta through our tool, which Certn, a leading provider of background checks, powers. We recommend this tool for customers who want a simple, sane background check option that keeps their personnel compliant and secure. Please note that after you create a Certn account within Vanta, Vanta will have full access to the underlying account. You can remove Vanta’s access by reaching out to support@certn.co.

Set up your Certn account

  • From the People page, select Background checks 
  • Click Start a new background check

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  • Follow the steps provided, and add the relevant information to create your Certn account
    • Do not use an email associated with an existing Certn account

  • After clicking Create and integrate account, your Certn account will be created and connected with Vanta.


Start a Background Check

  • From the Background Checks Page, click Start a new background check
  • Input the name and email of the person you are running the background check on
  • Select the background check you’d like to run and review the cost.
    • Note that background checks can include delayed passthrough fees, which will be charged to the credit card on file in addition to the base cost. Learn more
  • Input credit card information and purchase the background check

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View Results

Once you initiate a background check, its status will be shown on the Background Checks Page. Each background check can have one of the following statuses:

  • In progress: The background check still needs to be filled out by the applicant or it is being processed
  • Cleared: The background check was completed with no flags
  • Needs review: The background check flagged results that need manual review


Get access to your Certn account

To get access to your Certn account, go to https://vanta.certn.co/login and click “Forgot your password?” to reset your password.



Which background check should I purchase?

  • Any of the background checks offered will fulfill your compliance requirements. Vanta recommends the US Unlimited County Criminal Check as it is the most comprehensive.

What happens after I initiate a background check?

  • After the background check is initiated, the applicant will receive an email from Certn to fill out their application. Learn more.
  • Once the applicant completes the background check application, Certn will process the check. Depending on the county, this can take up to 7 days.

How do I manually review the full results of a background check?

To review the full PDF results of a background check, you’ll need to log into your Certn account:

  • Find the relevant background check on the Background Checks Page and click View report
  • You’ll be redirected to the Certn platform and must log in to see the total result PDF. If you haven’t logged into your Certn account before, you’ll need to get access to the account


How does Vanta’s pricing compare to other tools?

  • Through our partnership with Certn, Vanta offers highly competitive pricing relative to other providers. Log into your Vanta account to see the most recent pricing.

What are passthrough fees?

  • Pass-through access fees are incurred for accessing government and private databases essential for background checks. These include U.S. state and county court fees for retrieving criminal records. These fees are passed through to you at cost, reflecting the amount imposed by the relevant database for their services. You are responsible for paying fees that are incurred for a background check. These charges are not reflected in the upfront cost, as they vary depending on the counties where the applicant resides. The cost of the fees will be charged to the credit card used for the original purpose. The full list of passthrough fees can be viewed here.

What happens if the applicant doesn’t fill out the background check?

  • The check will expire if the applicant doesn’t fill out the application within 2 weeks. Vanta currently doesn’t offer refunds for expired checks