JumpCloud SCIM Attribute Instructions

  • Updated
  • JumpCloud does not currently support custom SCIM attributes. Because of this, Vanta is unable to fully support syncing RBAC roles from JumpCloud—in particular, we are unable to support syncing custom roles at this time.
  • Skip step 4 of the WorkOS instructions- we will not use the custom attribute with JumpCloud, so you can leave the Directory Provider Value field blank and move on to step 5.

  • Instead, assign to built-in RBAC role IDs through JumpCloud, place your users in JumpCloud groups according to the RBAC roles they should have, and assign those groups to the Vanta SCIM app.
  • Next, contact the Vanta team and let us know which group corresponds to which built-in RBAC role. We will map the groups to role IDs.