Computers Page

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The Computers page serves as an overview of the computers that are being monitored by your company with the help of the Vanta agent or a supported MDM (mobile device manager).

Computers with the Vanta Agent Installed

Once the Vanta Agent has been installed on your employee's computers, a list will populate. Each row includes information about each of your employee's computers. Each user will have a check mark or an X for each security measure column. 


Accessing the Computers Page

  • Select Computers from the left-hand navigation panel
  • From here, you will find a list of assets being monitored and tracked within Vanta
  • Clicking a specific User name will show you additional information related to the person, such as their onboarding status, what access they have, offboarding status, and computer information

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Column Information

A green check indicates that the asset's security protocol has been met. An means the asset does not have that security protocol met.

  • Owner: The owner of the asset
  • Monitoring: What is monitoring this asset?
  • OS: What OS is the asset running on?
  • PW: Does this asset use a password manager?
  • HD: Is the hard drive encrypted?
  • AV: Is an anti-virus installed?
  • SL: Is screen lock enabled? (Does the device lock after inactivity)
  • Last Check: When was the last time this asset was scanned by the agent or MDM



Manually Assigning a Computer with No Owner

  • Hover your mouse next to the dash in the Owner column and click on the pencil icon that appears


  • Click the Assign dropdown and select an owner from the user list


Reassigning or Removing a Computer

  • Select a specific name from the list
  • From the Computers tab, expand the Monitored By dropdown of the device you wish to reassign/remove
  • Select Reassign Owner to reassign the device to a different user, or Remove Computer to remove the device from monitoring in Vanta.



Exporting Computer List

  • To export the list of your assets, click Export from the top right-hand side of the page.
  • This will start a download for the .csv file of the computers list.




  • If a machine has the Vanta Agent installed but is not populated on this page, click on the Troubleshooting link at the bottom of the page:


  • The pop-up text box will provide steps for macOS, Windows, and Linux machines:



Unmonitored Computers

  • Employees who do not have the Vanta Agent installed will be listed under the "Unmonitored" tab: 



Automated Vanta Agent Install with MDM

  • If you do not want your employees to self-install the Vanta Agent, you have the option of running a script for automated installation on your MDM-provisioned computers. That script can be located on the Use your MDM system to install the Vanta Agent at the bottom of the page.


Security of the Vanta Agent