Deactivate a Test

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There may be instances where you need to turn off monitoring for a specific test. If the entire test is not essential to keep or is not required, you can deactivate it.


Turning off a Test

  • Open the Tests page from the left-hand navigation panel, and choose the appropriate Category.


  • Click on the specific test you would like to deactivate

  • In the top right-hand corner, select Deactivate Monitoring


  • This will stop Vanta's automatic monitoring of this test and remove it from your list of failing tests. If you turn off monitoring, Vanta will not notify you about potential misconfigurations that may make you less secure. We recommend doing so only if you have adequate controls to monitor this or if this test does not apply to your company
  • You can also provide additional information, such as your reason for deactivating the test and evidence to support your reasoning

  • When ready, select Deactivate


View Deactivated Tests

  • To view all tests that have been deactivated, select All deactivated tests under Categories on the Tests page


Reactivate Test

  • Open the Tests page, and select All deactivated tests under Category. 
  • Click on the test you would like to reenable
  • Select Reactivate Monitoring