Connecting Vanta & Azure DevOps

  • Updated
To link Azure DevOps successfully with Vanta, please follow the instructions below.


  • 'Organization Owner' in Azure
  • Administrator Permissions in Vanta


  • Open the Integrations page
  • Search for Azure DevOps and select Connect


  • Click Connect 'Azure DevOps' and you will be redirected to Microsoft’s web page to log in. You will need to log in as the owner of the Azure DevOps organization.


  • After logging in, authorize Vanta to have access to your repositories, work items, and member list. You will be redirected to Vanta after you have done this, and the connection will be complete.



Common Issues

Depending on the number of resources, it may take some time for them to populate. You should see a message confirming they are loading, which can be left to run in the background



If no resources are visible when the scan has finished, please check the following:

  • Navigate to the DevOps home page and confirm you can see "Organization Settings". If not, you will need to verify you're using an account that is the "organization" owner.
  • Please ensure that the user is a project admin using the instructions from Azure's support article here
  • Ensure the project's Version Control is 'Git'. Vanta does not support TFVC at the moment.