Integrating Vanta & Kandji

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To connect the Vanta Kandji integration, you must create a Kandji API token to use with Vanta.

The Vanta Kandji integration is included in all Kandji plans at no additional cost. To activate your integration and get an API key, please contact your Kandji representative or support @ The set of permissions required for the integration are given below.

API Token

Ensure the Kandji API Token in your Kandji dashboard has the correct permissions. This token needs the following APIs enabled:

    • Device - "/device/{device_id}"
    • Device list - "/devices"
    • Device details - "/devices/{device_id}/details"
    • Application list - "/devices/{device_id}/apps"
    • Device library items - "/devices/{device_id}/library-items"


Once all these steps are complete, you should be ready to create the connection in Vanta!

Vanta Integration

  • First, find out your Kandji API subdomain. Your API subdomain is in Settings > Access in your Kandji dashboard. Typically, your API URL will follow the https://<subdomain> format. You can read the API page for more information.
  • Then,  input the subdomain and the API token into the Vanta connection page with Kandji? Vanta will validate these credentials and establish the connection.
  • One benefit of this integration is that you do not need to install the Vanta Agent on any machines managed through Kandji. Vanta will detect information directly from Kandji for Mac machines managed by this service. Machines not managed by Kandji should still use the Vanta agent.