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Controlling Scope through GSuite

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Vanta's GSuite integration enables you to control which employees should be automatically marked in and out of scope in Vanta by creating and managing Vanta groups within GSuite.


Be sure to consult Support and/or your auditor to validate the set of accounts that should and should not be managed by Vanta.


  • Login to GSuite and navigate to Directory, followed by Groups in the sidebar
  • Create a group that you will use to scope users in and out of Vanta by clicking Create group
  • The name must be Vanta 
  • Assign the group in GSuite to the desired employees or groups. For setup instructions, visit the GSuite help center:

Enable the feature in Vanta

  • Navigate to Integrations
  • Click the three-dot menu
  • Select Configure scope


  • Enable the IdP scoping toggle next to Control scope with  GSuite


  • Select the group you want to scope employees with – if you don’t select a group in the dropdown, we’ll look for one named Vanta
  • Once this feature is enabled, all user scope will be managed through GSuite, and the scoping toggle in Vanta will be disabled. Vanta will update the scope status for IdP accounts on the following data fetch, which happens hourly
  • Please keep in mind that if users are scoped out in Gsuite, they will not appear in Vanta

Using GSuite for Workspaces

  • If you are using Vanta Workspaces, you can create multiple Google groups, one for each Workspace. This option is not available for organizations that are not using Vanta Workspaces.

  • Connecting Suite lets you choose different Google groups to scope in distinct users per

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 10.20.09 AM.png

  • If you are not using Vanta Workspaces, once you finish creating the group named Vanta, you can
    enable IdP scoping in Vanta