Vanta & Rippling Integration

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The Vanta Rippling integration allows you to sync HR and MDM data, allowing you to manage Employee and inventory information in one place. 


Connection Guide

  • From the Integrations page, select the 'Available' tab and search for Rippling.
  • Click 'View Details' to see more information about the app, or 'Connect' to begin the connection



  • Select which Rippling services you wish to connect with Vanta
    • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) - easily import employee status information, allowing you to monitor start & end dates of your team
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Populates device information to Inventory and allows seamless evidence collection to demonstrate employee computers are configured securely



  • Click Connect Rippling.


  • You will be redirected to the Rippling sign in page. In order to connect Rippling successfully, you need to have administrator permissions in both Vanta and Rippling. 
    Note: If you are the Administrator in Rippling, but not in Vanta, you can invite the person who is able to connect Vanta up to Rippling.


  • You will be show the list of details that Vanta requires read-only access to. Click 'Authorize'


  • The next page will state to 'Get your Vanta login info ready' - Click the Continue button to be automatically redirected to the Vanta Integrations page


  • For HRIS Connections: Select the cutoff date. This will import employees who were active on, or left after the specified date. This date can be edited at a later time from the integration settings


  • Your connection is complete! Depending on the number of resources to be synced, it can time some time for these to be populated. You can configure scope at a later time by clicking on the 'Configure Scope' button next on the Integrations page



Common Issues

  • If your resources have not loaded in after a few hours, Check if the Cutoff Date has been set correctly. Clicking outside of the popup box during setup can cause the cutoff date to be left blank. Click on 'Manage', then 'Edit Cutoff Date' to review and update this.


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