Home Page

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Vanta's home page is the at-a-glance view of your security and compliance program. On the home page, you can:

  • Gain a high-level overview of what actions are needed to maintain your company's security and compliance commitments.
  • Quickly understand how your business is tracking toward your selected security framework.
  • Recognize shifts in your company's security position over time.
  • Easily navigate to the other pages with filtered views to take immediate action.

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There are three main sections on the page:

  • Compliance Progress: Shows an at-glance view of up to three frameworks in progress. The View All Frameworks button links to the Frameworks page, where you can view all frameworks enabled on the account
  • Monitoring: Shows progress and items needing attention across compliance and risk workloads.
  • Trust Centre: An overview of recent engagement with your Vanta Trust Centre homepage and document downloads. The View Trust Centre page links to the Trust Centre page, where you can view and edit your Trust Page settings and approve access requests. 

Other essential capabilities on the page:

  • View Tasks: This shows security items with an SLA defined in Vanta that are either outstanding or due soon. This helps your company stay compliant. 
  • Tooltip: You can hover over tools tips on the Monitoring cards to get a breakdown of items needing attention by categories.
  • Navigation: You can click the cards to navigate to the respective pages where actions can be taken.