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Vanta’s home page is the at-a-glance view of your security and compliance program. On the home page, you can:

  • Know precisely what action is needed to maintain your company’s security and compliance commitments.
  • Quickly understand how your business is tracking toward your selected security framework. Recognize shifts in your company’s security position over time.
  • Easily navigate to the other pages with filtered views to take immediate action.


There are two main sections on the page:

  • Overdue Items: Shows security items that have an SLA defined in Vanta which are either overdue or due soon in a month for your company to stay compliant. The priority cards are ordered based on their SLA dates. The cards cover the following areas - Employees with incomplete tasks, Employees with incomplete offboarding, Annual vendor reviews, Annual document updates, Instances with Vulnerabilities, and Annual risk assessments.
  • Compliance Progress: Shows progress and items needing attention across important compliance and security workloads.

Other important capabilities on the page:

  • Filters: You can filter the page to focus on specific standards or priorities. These filters should persist throughout the session so that you don't have to reapply them.
  • Tooltip: You can hover over tools tips on the Monitoring cards to get a breakdown of items needing attention by categories.
  • Navigation: You can click the cards to navigate to the respective pages where actions can be taken.


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