Custom Policy Approval & Acceptance Tests

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When creating custom policies, new tests will be made to monitor the (annual) approval status of the policy and the employee acceptances. These new tests behave like our existing Vanta Policy Tests for annual approval and employee acceptance. This provides a better control experience to enable a mature security program.


Creating a Custom Policy Test


  • The new custom policy will appear on the policies page, and the new test will appear on the tests page.
    • The test will appear on the Tests Page once the appropriate admin has approved the policy
    • All employees must accept the custom policy in the assigned employee group within the given SLA in order for the test to Pass

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 1.57.48 PM.png


Mapping a Custom Policy Test

  • From the Frameworks page, choose a standard and then click on a control.


  • From the pop-up modal, select next to Tests



  • Search for the Custom Policy's name, choose the tests, and click add


  • The Custom Policy Test will now be mapped to the control
  • To remove the mapping, click on the pencil icon next to the test, and select the garbage can icon next to the test you would like to remove 



Deleting a Custom Policy Test

  • When a custom policy is deleted, its associated Tests will be removed, along with all the custom control mappings it is currently mapped to