Connecting Vanta & TriNet

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TriNet allows companies like Vanta to call their API on a customer's behalf using an OAuth authorization flow called the client credentials flow. Vanta only requests permission to access the data it needs, which is the basic-read scope as defined by TriNet.


Connecting Vanta & TriNet

You must be assigned the TriNet role of "Integration Administrator" or work with someone in your company with the appropriate access.

  • Sign in to TriNet
  • Navigate to the TriNet Integration Center (Admin • Manager > Integration Center)
  • Select "Get Started" from the "TriNet API" section.

  • Select "Vanta" from the "Select an Integration" drop-down menu and review the level of access being granted to the API Key before selecting "Accept."

  • Copy the Company ID, Client ID, and Client Secret. Do not navigate from this screen until the credentials have been entered in Vanta, as they cannot be accessed again. Select OK.
  • Navigate back to the Vanta integrations page and enter your Company ID, Client ID, and Client Secret into the connection dialog



  • Access can be revoked at any time by selecting Disconnect from within My Connected Apps (Admin • Manager > Integration Center > My Connected Apps).
  • A new key and secret can be generated by disconnecting and repeating the above steps