Will Changing my Company's Domain Name Cause Issues within Vanta?

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Will changing my Company's domain name cause issues within Vanta?

  • Changing the domain name attached to your email address will not cause issues within Vanta. Email changes made within your IDP will also be updated and reflected in Vanta automatically- without creating duplicates.

    • For example, if you change the domain on your email address from 'Phoenix@Vanta.com' to 'Phoenix@VantaCompany.com', the changes made within your IDP will also be reflected in Vanta on the next sync

Do I need to make any changes in Vanta?

  • Vanta will fetch information from your identity provider and update users email address in Vanta automatically. User profiles created from a connected IdP can not be updated manually.

How long do changes take to reflect in Vanta? 

  • Updates will not be reflected immediately, and will occur on the next sync between the Integration and Vanta. These syncs occur periodically, however if your updates are not reflected in Vanta within 12-24 hours of making these changes in your IdP, please reach out to support@vanta.com with a screenshot example the updated domain and our team will be here to help!