Vanta Technical Support Guide

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For Vanta's global technical support team, helping our customers is our calling.


Support Hours

  • Support is provided Monday through Friday at the following times and during US and local holidays*.
    • AMER: M-F 8 AM - 8 PM EST/EDT
    • EMEA: M-F 9 AM - 5 PM BST/BDT
    • APAC: M-F 8 AM - 5 PM AEST/AEDT
  • Chat Support: M-F 9 AM - 5 PM ET


When should I open a ticket?

  • Experiencing errors or abnormal behavior of the Vanta Platform
  • An issue requires diagnosis and resolution of Vanta platform issues


What isn't in scope with Vanta Technical Support?

  • Use of the Vanta platform outside applicable documentation
  • General internet problems or other factors outside of Vanta's reasonable control
  • Issues with infrastructure 
  • Issues with third-party systems
  • Free evaluations
  • Professional services deliverables


How can I contact Support?

  • The Support channels are available to the Customer throughout the Vanta Platform.
  • Select  CleanShot_2023-03-07_at_08.44.36_2x.png


Required information

The following information regarding the Incident:

  • Aspects of the Service that are unavailable or not functioning correctly
  • Incident's impact on users
  • Start time of Incident
  • List of steps to reproduce Incident
  • Relevant log files or data
  • The wording of any error message


Priority Levels and Target Response Times

Priority Level Priority Level Description Target Response Times (estimated)


Operation of the Service is critically affected (not responding to requests or serving content) for a large number of users; no workaround is available

Three business hours


Service is responding and functional, but performance is degraded, and/or Incident has a potentially severe impact on the operation of the Service for multiple users.

One business day


Non-critical issue; no significant impact on the performance of the Service, but the user experience may be affected.

Two business days

*At a reduced capacity during US and local holidays

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