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Creating a Security Label within GitHub Issues

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You can create a label or tag within GitHub Issues that you can use to indicate that an issue contains security-related information.


Creating a Label / Tag

  • Go to the repository in which you want to create the security label.
  • Click on the Issues tab.
  • Click on the Labels button.
  • Click on the New Label button.
  • Enter a name for the label (e.g., "security").
  • Choose a color for the label.
  • Select a description for the label, if desired.
  • Click Create Label to save the new label.

Once you have created the security label, you can add it to any issues that contain security-related information. This will allow you to identify these issues and prioritize them accordingly quickly. To add the label to an issue,

  • When creating or editing an issue, click the Labels button and select the security label from the list.
  • Vanta will then grab the ticket/issue and track it to ensure it has been assigned to someone and remediated. Vanta leverages the GitHub integration itself to leverage test automation with GitHub Issues