Bulk Update Policies

  • Updated

Save time updating your policies with Vanta's Bulk Update Policies feature. This feature functions as a search and replaces, allowing you to update words and phrases within your policies and drafts to new or updated words and phrases simultaneously! 

Bulk Updating Policies 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Policies
  • From the top right-hand corner, select the More dropdown
  • Choose Bulk Update Policies 

  • Type in the text you would like to replace. Vanta will search for this text among all policies
  • Choose from the following options regarding the syntax of your text 
    • Use company name

    • Case insensitive

      • Search should be case insensitive

    • Match the whole word

      •  Update should only be applied where the search matches the whole word. If not selected, the update can be applied to parts of words.

    • If you want to update only drafts, choose 'Updates should be contained to only policies in a draft state. If not selected, this will create draft versions for approved policies.'
      Note: Editing is limited to policies that are in a 'Draft' or 'Approved' state.
      Policies that are 'Pending Approval' must first have the approval request cancelled to return the policy to a draft state before edits can be made. 
  • Select Next


  • You will then be notified of how many instances of your defined text will be replaced
  • Select Update


  • Select Update when you are ready to make the changes