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Connecting Vanta & Cloudflare

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The read-only Cloudflare integration fetches your cloud and security resources directly to Vanta, allowing you to easily demonstrate that your company's networks are secure and monitored.




  • Permissions to create API tokens in Cloudflare
  • Admin permissions in Vanta



  • From your Cloudflare dashboard, navigate to "My Profile" by clicking on the user icon on the top  right of the page


  • Click on API tokens from the left hand menu, then click on Create Token.


  • Click on 'Use template' next to the Read all resource's option


  • Edit the Token Name field to something easy to identify, for example, 'VantaToken'
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, leaving all the default permissions as they are. Changing any of these permissions may result in the connection failing. 

  • Click on Continue to summary. You should be shown the API token name, and a summary of all the permission.
  • Click on Create Token. Once the token is generated, please ensure to copy the token before navigating away from the page, as there will be no way to retrieve this once you exit the page.


  • Navigate back to Vanta, and on the Cloudflare connection page, click 'Save API Token details'. Enter the API Token Name and paste the copied API Token

  • Click Done. Cloudflare should now be connected!


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