Policies in Multiple Languages

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With Vanta, you can create and manage policies in multiple languages. For example, you may want to maintain policies in both English and French if some of your employees only speak English and some only speak French. Vanta makes it easy to ensure employees see the document that matches their preferred language.

Note: Current support languages (templates): English, Spanish, German, and French

Soon-to-be-added languages: Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.


Creating a Policy in Multiple Languages 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Policies
  • Select Start next to the policy you'd like to create



  • Select how you'd like to create the policy, choose which language(s) it should support, and click Create

  • After the policy draft is created, you can sync, upload, or write the policy document for each language of the policy
  • If you decide to use the policy editor, Vanta provides templates in English, French, German, and Spanish 

    image (1).png


Downloading a Template in Different Languages 

  • Select the policy template you would like to download
  • From the right-hand corner, select Download Template
  • Select a language, then choose how you'd like to download the template

image (2).png


Specifying a Language for an Existing Policy

  • Policies created before Vanta enabling policies with multiple languages have a language of "Not specified" because Vanta could not tell the language of those policies.

image (3).png

Specify a Language for a Policy 

  • Select Edit, Renew, or Create new version
  • A modal will appear, asking you to confirm the policy's language. Choose the appropriate language and select Confirm

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