Other Integrations & Connections

Connecting Vanta & Grafana

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Vanta allows connecting both a Grafana Cloud Account and a Grafana Stack. You may need to connect both or just one, depending on your needs:

  • Connect a Grafana Cloud Account to see who has access to Grafana on the Access page and satisfy controls around access management. Also, Vanta will remind you to remove access when an employee leaves your company
  • Connect a Grafana stack to pull in alerts from Vanta and satisfy controls around monitoring

Note: Currently, we don't support self-hosted Grafana.

Connecting Grafana

  • Select Integrations from the left-hand navigation panel 
  • Search for Grafana in the Available Apps tap


  • Click Connect
  • Follow the prompts provided


Grafana Stack & Permissions

In order to connect to Grafana Snack, you will need to provide a service account. Depending on your Grafana license, Vanta will require the following permissions for this service account:

  • If you have Grafana Cloud Advanced or Grafana Enterprise, the minimum permissions required are: 
    • alert.provisioning:read
    • users:read
  • If you do not have Grafana Cloud Advanced or Grafana Enterprise, the service account must have admin permissions.


Can you connect multiple Grafana Cloud Accounts and Grafana Stack? 

  • You can only connect 1 Grafana Cloud Account and/or 1 Grafana Stack