Connecting AWS with CloudFormation

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When integrating an AWS account, customers have the option to connect using CloudFormation


Once you have selected the options above, select Next in the bottom right corner to continue with the next steps.

  • On the next page, select if you will be integrating a standard AWS account or an AWS GovCloud account


  • Next, select which AWS products that you would like Vanta to scan


  • On the following screen, download the .yaml file provided here


  • Navigate to AWS CloudFormation and create a new Stack using the "With new resources (standard)" option


  • On the Create Stack page, select the following options and upload the .yaml file you downloaded from Vanta


  • On the Specify stack details page provide a stack name and the other parameters should be pre-filled based on the file you previously uploaded


  • There is no need to Configure stack options, you can leave the defaults or update them as you wish, and move on to review.
  • At the bottom of the Review page, ensure to select the acknowledgment at the bottom of page and hit Submit
  • Once the stack completes, you can click on the "Outputs" tab and copy the role ARN that was created:


  • After you've copied the role ARN, you can head back to Vanta and paste it here:


  • After clicking next, you can configure the regions that you would like Vanta to read in resources from and mark any resources out of scope as necessary