Connecting Vanta & Bob

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By creating a service user in Bob, you can connect Vanta to easily import employee status information, allowing you to monitor start & end dates of your team. 

Vanta only requires base-level permissions to access the data it needs, using a permission group that applies to all employees, not just active one. 




  • Admin permissions in Vanta
  • Admin Permissions in Bob
    • Permissions in Bob can be checked by navigating to your Profile, and clicking on the 'Permissions' tag next to the action dropdown





  • In your Vanta dashboard, navigate to the Integrations page and click on the 'Available' tab. Search for Bob, then click 'Connect'

    Note: The connection module will appear with redirect links to the Bob dashboard, allowing you to Login

  • In the Bob dashboard, click on 'Settings' button from the left hand menu, then 'Integrations'


  • From the Integrations page, click on 'Service Users'


  • Click on "New Service User


  • In the popup, enter 'Vanta' for both the Service user name & Display name, then click next


  • This will generate your API credentials.
    Important: Copy both the ID and Token but do not save them in Vanta yet. There is no way to retrieve the Token again so be sure to paste it in a notepad where it can be deleted afterwards.


  • Once you have copied the ID & Token, click Done. Click on the 'Settings' icon from the left menu, then 'Permissions Groups'.


  • Click on 'Create Group'


  • Enter the group name as 'Vanta Permission Group'
    Under 'Group Members' enable 'Select people by Condition' > click on 'Edit'


  • The condition 'Lifecycle status' will be added by default. Hovering near the last box should give you a delete option > Delete this condition


  • Click on the dropbox under 'Add Specific Employees', and search for the Vanta user previously created. Select and click apply.


  • Then click the apply button again and click 'Create' to create the group. You'll receive a prompt to confirm that you're adding 1 person to this group, which you can confirm.


  • You should be automatically redirected to the settings for the new group. Click on the tab 'Peoples Data', then under the Access Rights section click on 'People'


  • Enable the following permissions (some of these permissions may already be enabled by default): 

    • View selected employees' About sections
    • View selected employees' Basic info sections
    • View selected employees' Lifecycle sections
    • View selected employees' Work sections
    • View selected employees' Work contact details sections

  • Click Save. You will be presented with a summary of changes that you can review and cross check that everything has been set correctly. Click Apply


  • Navigate back to Vanta, and enter the Service ID & Token previously generated, then click store token. You should be presented with a pop-up confirming the connection with an option to configure scope




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