Verifying Communications from Vanta

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Vanta uses social media to communicate company news, announcements, and updates. Remember that we will only share information using our Vanta handles below. If you see a handle claiming to be Vanta that is not listed, do not engage and please report it to



What should I expect from Vanta on social media?

  • We only use the official handles listed above to communicate news, announcements, and updates about Vanta. We’ll never go into the specifics of your account over social media.
  • If a social media handle reaches out to you asking for these details or claiming that they work for Vanta, please do not engage. Never share your account login details over social media. Instead, ignore the message and report the incident to

Authentic Vanta domains

In addition to sending emails from Vanta domains, Vanta partners with UserEvidence, an independent research firm, to collect customer feedback through short surveys. As a Vanta customer, you may see emails originating from the following email addresses and domains:

  • Customer research communication: 
  • Authentic Vanta domains:,,

If you see a message claiming to be Vanta that is not listed, please do not engage and report it to