Resolve 'Azure integration has active Activity Log Alerts' test

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This article provides more information on resolving the Azure integration has active Activity Log Alerts test

How to Fix:


  • You will be first asked to select the scope for the alert. Select the entire subscription and then select Apply



  • Next, a condition must be entered. Vanta does not have a requirement here, but we select Resource Health in this example. After your condition is chosen, select Apply.


  • Set any actions that make sense for your organization on the Actions tab
  • On the details tab, select a Resource Group and name the Alarm


  • Click Review and Create to create the alert

Here is an example JSON of the alert that will allow the test to pass:

"id": "/subscriptions/AAAAAAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-123456789ABC/resourceGroups/resource-group-name/providers/microsoft.insights/activitylogalerts/SubscriptionResourceHealth",
"name": "SubscriptionResourceHealth",
"type": "Microsoft.Insights/ActivityLogAlerts",
"location": "global",
"tags": {},
"properties": {
"scopes": [
"condition": {
"allOf": [
"field": "category",
"equals": "ResourceHealth"
"actions": {
"actionGroups": []
"enabled": true,
"description": ""