V2 Policy Migration

  • Updated

Vanta is excited to offer customers our updated policy stack. This comprehensive new pack includes your existing policies, policy approval history, employee acceptance records, advanced copies of our latest policy templates, and a helpful policy mapping guide. The updated policy stack aligns more closely with Vanta‚Äôs recommended control set, making your compliance journey even more seamless. 


This migration will apply only to Vanta customers who were onboarded prior to February 2021


Downloading the Migration Packet

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select the Policies page
  • There will be a banner at the top of the screen asking you to upgrade to our latest policies stack
  • Select Here from the banner: You can download the policy stack here


  • The download will then begin automatically

Opening the Migration Pack Files 

  • Once downloaded, open the file. There will be four folders, and 1 document


  • policies: This contains pdf's of all of your most recent approved policies
    • Drafts that do not have previously approved versions will not be included in the export
  • policy_acceptances: The contains a .csv file detailing all of the policy's previous acceptances, including when the policy was accepted and who accepted the policy
  • policy_approvals: This folder contains .csv files of all policy approvals, detailing when it was approved
  • policy_mapping_v1_to_v2.docx: This documents Vanta's current policy template offerings (v1) and how they are being mapped into v2
  • v2_policy_templates: This folder contains every policy included in the updated policy template package (v2).

Updating your Policies 

  • Now that the V2 policies have been downloaded, each file in the v2_policy_templates should be edited to match your organization's needs. 
  • Each file has instructions for editing the documents 


  • Once your policies have been revised appropriately, you'll be ready for the next step! 


Next Steps

  • Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to officially migrate from v1 to v2. This will enable the V2 policy functionality in your Vanta account and walk you through the process of uploading your updated policies.   

What will happen to my V1 policies?

  • V1 policies were converted to custom policies on August 7th, 2023. You can feel free to delete them at your own pace after the migration to V2 policies is complete.

Will my custom policies be affected?

  •  Custom policies will not be affected. Your original custom policies will not be removed from the immigration process and will not need to be re-uploaded. The migration process applies only to Vanta's default policy templates.

Will my team need to reaccept policies? 

  • Yes. Once the new policies have been uploaded, they must be reassigned to checklists and accepted by your company.