Installing the Vanta Agent: macOS

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The Vanta Agent is read-only, which means it will not change anything on your machines. It has limited functionality to read data (Vanta deploys a modified version of osquery that excludes tables that we find dangerous). The agent does not read sensitive information like passwords, emails, or browsing history.  


Downloading the Vanta Agent 

  • Employees will be sent an email to complete their security tasks. Once they log into their personal security tasks page, they will be instructed to download the Vanta Agent. 

  • They can click the purple 'Download' button to begin downloading the installation file for the Vanta agent. Once downloaded click on the file to open the setup wizard:

  • You can click continue to progress through the setup wizard. You will then be prompted to enter a password, this is the password you use to unlock your computer. 

    Some users maybe presented with an alternate option of using their TouchID or FaceID to continue the installation rather than a password:

  • Once you enter your password you will then be prompted for a Vanta Agent Registration Key:

  • This key can be found on your Vanta onboarding page, the page where you downloaded the agent from earlier. Keep in mind this key unique to your login, so do not share it with other users. Copy and paste the key into the setup modal and then click the blue OK button:

  • Once the correct key is entered, the setup wizard should complete shortly after. The setup wizard can then be closed. The Vanta agent will now begin to run silently in the background.


Failed Installation

If you encounter errors during the installation, please see our troubleshooting guide here: Troubleshooting the Vanta Agent on macOS

If issues persist, please reach out to with details on the error encountered, and our team will be happy to assist!