Vanta & Identity Providers (IdPs)

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An Identity Provider (IdP) is a system that verifies the identity of users and grants access to specific services or platforms leveraged by your company. IdPs use authentication methods such as passwords or multi-factor authentication to ensure secure access, helping you achieve and maintain compliance.

Why is connecting Vanta and an IdP important? 

Integrations are at the core of Vanta's functionality, and connecting with your organization's IdP helps you streamline your compliance process in several ways:

  • Enforcing Policies: IdPs are often responsible for enforcing important aspects of your security policies, such as multi-factor authentication and single sign-on
  • User Lifecycle Management: An IdP will help track the lifecycle of a user from onboarding to offboarding
  • Security: Integrating your IdP with Vanta enables stronger user authentication and access control 

Where do I connect Vanta & my IdP?

  • You can connect a variety of platforms with Vanta's integrations page 

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  • From here, you can connect, manage, and edit your integrations. Additionally, Vanta will always provide information at the top of the page for any integrations that may require your attention

Connecting an IdP with Vanta 

Managing Scope 

  • Users brought into Vanta through your IdP can be marked in or out of scope to ensure your resources are represented as accurately as possible for your audit.
    • Keep resources in scope if they can access user data and sensitive information. 
  • When on the Connected Tab, selecting Configure Scope will allow you to mark resources appropriately 

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