How to change Azure Devops Read/Write Permissions

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This article details how to re-connect AzureDevops to change the read/write permissions for Azure Devops once connected.

Before continuing, please verify that you are an administrator of the Azure DevOps team housing your company's codebase. An easy way to check if your account is an organization administrator is to visit your organization's page and verify that Settings is an option in the sidebar. Once you confirm this move on to the insturctions section below. 


  1. Head over to the integrations page and search for Azure DevOps

  2. Next, click Manage then Edit, you should see it default to Enable Read Access Only.  If this is the permission you are looking to give Vanta, that is only permission, leave it as is and move on to step three

    If you want to update it to read and write permissions, select the first bubble that says 'Enable read and write access 


  3. Now click "Connect Azure DevOps",  and this will bring you to Microsoft Azure. If you are not signed in already, you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft Account and then the page will redirect you back to Vanta.

    If you are signed in already in another tab, you will be redirected back to Vanta and presented with a menu like below:

  4. From here you can select your organization,  and finish linking by choosing the organization you want Vanta monitoring from the drop-down menu. Once complete click the purple "Link Azure DevOps account".

  5. Once complete you will see. success message like below: