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Missing information on Access Page for Hubspot

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Administrators may notice that the Role, MFA, Created, and Deactivated columns have a '-' rather than the associated information. This is not a bug and expected behavior.


MFA & Creation Date Attributes

Regarding the MFA and Creation date attribute, these are not shown due to them not being returned in the API. We execute these two API requests to fetch Hubspot users and their roles:


  1. GET /settings/v3/users to fetch users and their role IDs
  2. GET /settings/v3/users/roles to fetch role information

Role Attribute

Regarding the roles attribute, our team is working to possibly add support for this which will display the roles accordingly in Vanta. If this is possible and the work is complete, this article will be updated to reflect this if this is implemented, but we do not have a timeline to provide as to when this would be complete. 

Deactivated Attribute

Regarding the Deactivation status, due to API limitations, Vanta is currently unable to detect HubSpot accounts that have been deactivated. This means if an account exists in Hubspot, no matter the status, Vanta will show the user as active. This can cause delays with completing offboarding tasks for former employees. See this article below on steps to take to resolve this: