Vanta AI Principles

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Our Commitment to Trust and Responsibility

From its inception, Vanta has been committed to safeguarding the internet and protecting consumer data. As we pioneer the use of AI in trust management, we place the utmost importance on addressing privacy, security, transparency, and accuracy concerns. To achieve this, we've meticulously formulated our AI principles to ensure that Vanta AI is developed trustworthy and responsible, benefiting both our team and the customers we serve today and in the future.


Vanta's AI Principles

Our AI principles serve as a blueprint for the safe and effective deployment of AI within Vanta. We've established an internal committee comprising leaders from product development, engineering, security, compliance, and legal departments, tasked with ensuring that all AI projects align with these principles, from conceptualization through launch and beyond.

1. Do No Harm:

  • Prioritize the avoidance of any harm to Vanta's customers or the company itself.
  • Undertake diligent efforts to anticipate and mitigate potential harm associated with each project.

2. Security & Privacy by Design:

  • Embed security and privacy considerations into every AI project from its inception.
  • Provide clear evidence of the integration of security and privacy measures.

3. Impact of Incorrectness:

  • Commit to assessing the likelihood and consequences of inaccuracies in AI projects.
  • Establish human-in-the-loop review processes where necessary to rectify inaccuracies.

4. Explainability & Transparency:

  • Strive for transparency by making results explainable.
  • Provide insights into the processes used to derive results.

5. Data Control & Risk:

  • Establish a comprehensive understanding of the data used in AI projects.
  • Implement safeguards to control data access and manage associated risks.

These principles have been meticulously crafted per the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, reflecting our unwavering dedication to responsible AI development and deployment.