Other Integrations & Connections

Connecting Vanta & Rockset

  • Updated

Import your organization's users from the Rockset API. By connecting your Rockset account with Vanta, Vanta can make API calls as the connecting user, allowing you to display users in Rockset within Vanta under the Access page.


Role creation

  • This will take you to the Summary page for the new role
  • Scroll down to Administration Privileges and click on Manage Administrative Privileges
  • Ensure the below permissions are checked and select Apply:
    General Access: Get Organization, Get Current User
    User and Access Management: List Users, List Roles

API Key creation

  • Navigate to https://console.rockset.com/apikeys
  • Select Create API Key
  • Select the Role you just created
  • Name the API Key (We suggest Rockset-Vanta-token)
  • Click on the Submit button
  • Copy the API Key to enter in Vanta

Connect Rockset Account

  • Paste the API Key you generated in Rockset