Important Notice: Enabling Vulnerability Scanner Services

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Enabling vulnerability scanner services is essential for maintaining the security of your cloud infrastructure. However, please be aware that these services may require you to activate certain features within your cloud provider accounts that could incur additional costs.

Below is a general overview of areas where additional costs may apply. We recommend consulting your cloud provider's pricing documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


  • ECR Scan: Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) offers image scanning for vulnerabilities. While there is a base level of scanning, enabling enhanced scanning incurs additional charges.
  • AWS Inspector: AWS Inspector is an automated security assessment service. Pricing depends on the number of instances and the duration of the assessment.


  • Cloud DNS Monitoring: As mentioned in the customer feedback, enabling vulnerability scanning integrations for GCP may automatically activate Cloud DNS monitoring. This service carries a per-day cost.
  • Security Command Center: Google Cloud's Security Command Center (SCC) offers vulnerability scanning and continuous monitoring. The premium tier of SCC has associated costs.


  • Azure Container Registry Scanning: Similar to AWS, scanning images within the Azure Container Registry for vulnerabilities may incur fees depending on the chosen options.
  • Azure Security Center: Azure Security Center provides comprehensive security management, including vulnerability assessments. The standard tier of Security Center has costs associated with it.

Additional Considerations

  • Data Transfer: Vulnerability services often retrieve and analyze security data for reporting. This may result in increased data transfer charges.
  • Storage: Storing detailed vulnerability reports and historical data could incur additional storage costs.

This help article intends to provide general guidance on potential cost implications of enabling vulnerability scanning services. Specific pricing models vary between cloud providers and may change over time. Please always refer to your cloud provider's official pricing pages for the most current and detailed cost breakdown.

We strongly encourage you to carefully review your cloud provider's pricing information and factor any potential additional costs into your budget before enabling vulnerability management services.