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Vanta & Lever Integration

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Connecting Vanta and Lever

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations 
  • Search for Lever in the Available integrations tab
  • Select Connect

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  • Select Add Connections 
  • Select Connect Lever 
  • Log into Lever to continue the integration with Vanta. The authentication process is done through OAuth. Vanta requires read-only access through OAuth and inherits permissions from the connecting user account.

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  • Select Continue

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  • Authorize the account to
    • View all users
    • Allow offline access
  • Select Accept

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  • You will receive notice that the integration has been completed successfully, from here you can configure the scope

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Managing the Scope 

  • Once connected, mark appropriate items either in-scope, or out of scope. 
    • Items marked in-scope should Include all items used in your production environment, especially those containing sensitive information or user data. 
  • Individual items can be marked in or out by using the toggle
  • Additionally, you can select Mark all in, or Mark all out

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