Vanta API

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The Vanta API allows you to effectively manage and interact with your resources and data. You can use the Vanta API to automate actions and tasks, fetch data for custom workflows and reporting, build private integrations, and bolster your security operations. For more information regarding the Vanta API and how to use it, please view our API documentation

Key Use Cases

  • Build custom integrations so Vanta can run automated tests against systems it does not have pre-built integrations for, including on-premise or custom systems.
  • Bulk automates Vanta processes that would otherwise require many UI clicks (Auto-uploading of evidence or policies or marking resources out of scope.
  • Extract data from Vanta to drive custom dashboards and reporting. Example: Auto-export Vanta control statuses to a business intelligence tool to help power an enterprise-wide risk dashboard.
  • Automate and trigger workflows outside of Vanta
If you are a customer using the Vanta GraphQL API, this will remain available but will not be developed further by Vanta. We encourage you to switch to our updated version or contact with any questions or concerns!