Enabling the Trust Center AI-powered Chatbot

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The Trust Center AI-powered Chatbot allows visitors granted access to your Trust Center to ask questions about your security and compliance program, leading to less back and forth between you and buyers/prospects. 


Enabling the Chatbot 

  • You can enable the chatbot by navigating to the Trust Center Settings page



There are two options for enabling this chatbot: 

  • Internal use only: The chatbot will not be shown to buyers on your Trust Center, but you can view it in the Internal View mode of the Trust Center
  • Authenticated users: This will expose the chatbot to viewers on your Trust Center who have been granted access to it


Testing the Chatbot

  • Hit the View button on the Overview page


  • You’ll see the chatbot on the Trust Center, where you can ask questions about security and compliance


  • Vote on whether or not you found the answer helpful. You can do this in two ways: 
    • On the chatbot at the bottom of the answer 


    • From the Activity page, followed by the AI insights page, you can look at a history of all the chatbot conversations and can vote on the answers there as well


What data is the chatbot using to answer questions? 

  • The chatbot uses the resources and information in your Trust Center, such as FAQs, controls, subprocessors, etc. 

Do you use resources that require access approval and requires an NDA? 

  • No, the chatbot will not be accessible to users who have not been granted access, and we won’t use any resources you have not permitted the viewer access.